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Friday, February 11, 2011

Video: "The Boredom Killing Business"

Yesterday I posted a video from the 1976 film "Network" under the heading "The World is a Business, Mr Beale" to demonstrate visually how little has changed in 35 years since that Oscar-nominated film was released to audiences.

I wanted to follow up with another video from the film to also demonstrate that television and the way we the public get information hasn't changed either.  

In the video, the character Howard Beale (played by the late Peter Finch who won a posthumous Oscar for the role) is literally preaching to his TV audience about the passing of the head of the fictional TV network he's on, that its about to be bought by a corporation & what this means and why people should care.  

Certainly in 2011 we have internet, hi-speed Wi-Fi, laptops, iPads and blogs..  a host of new technologies and advancements.   But are things really that different?   Watch the video (remember this film came out in 1976) and decide for yourself.

~This clip contains profanity~

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