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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Worse than..."

Thought it would be interesting to keyword the phrase "worse than" on the Google news search engine to see what would pop up over the last few days..  This is what I found...

Bank of America's legal woes from Countrywide worse than expected (LA Times)  2/25/11

UK economic contraction worse than thought (AP)  2/25/11

Libya’s Bloody Uprising Worse Than News Media Reports (Charisma News)  2/24/11

Monsanto tactics: Even worse than you think  (  2/24/11
   ** Monsanto is a corp that holds patents and licencing agreements on seeds

How America Is Worse Than Egypt (Motley Fool)  2/24/11

Illinois bonds worse than corporate junk (ChicagoNow)  2/24/11

Air pollution worse than cocaine for triggering heart attacks (Guardian UK)  2/23/11

Housing crash may be much worse than thought (MSN Money)  2/22/11

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