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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BS news article of day for 3/8/11

~ 2011 version:  "Join Stock Market or DIE!"

Sometimes the mainstream media (MSM) writes an article so infuriating because it is full of propagandistic spin and Outright Lies, you want to throw something at a wall.   But then you see how other people respond to the article in the comments section and you breathe a little easier and faith in humanity is re-affirmed because you see other everyday people do "Get It".

First, the article from AP via Yahoo! News:

2 years after market low, the little guy is back - "As the bull market turns 2, investors flood back into stocks, more confident... Dow Jones industrials are back above 12,000, about 2,000 points shy of their all-time high. Little-guy investors appear to be on board. Since the beginning of the year, investors have put $24.2 billion into U.S. stock mutual funds "

Now before you smash up your grandmother's best China in anger...

Here's comments from Yahoo! readers responding to this article--

"Rally of fraud and corrupt manipulation"

"Of course everyone is correct that the intention is to sucker the small investors back in a big way. It is just that today, more people catch on, faster."

"Another @#$% spin..what little guy..this whole process of PR for Wall Street is full of crap..they are marketing themselves once again for another cash influx and just wait till the crap hits the fan again... Nothing will ever change in the financial markets unless someone with real cajones makes a real move at reeling in the liars who sell this stuff."

"Yeah Sucker, The stock market is waiting for you....... but don't forget to bring your cash with"

"I pray to God that all these stupid Investors especially newbies lose their ENTIRE life savings in the next crash.. G.R.E.E.D.Y"

~ 350 total comments to this affect..  Fortunately some get it..

And the finance/economic propaganda--  it will keep on a' comin'

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