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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The economic parasites of global finance

Investors/stock traders are parasites.

A&G didn't want to provide any ambiguities on this...

Some people look at the tragedy of Japan with sadness- they've donated money to Red Cross, prayed for the people of Japan in whatever faith they believe and overall have acted like normal human beings with souls.

A small percentage of people have basically moved on- their attention spans have had their fill of Japan and tsunamis and nuclear reactors and now are focused on the next hot-topic of the week.

And an even smaller percentage never moved on emotionally because there was never any emotional investment in Japan's pain in the first place.  And they look at the calamity as nothing more than a great 'opportunity' to invest; to grow their portfolios and balance sheets-- to profit off suffering.

These are investors and traders...  these are parasites.

For curiosity, we went on Google news and keyworded 'Japan', investment' and 'opportunity'-  we found 486  news articles within the last week..  here is a sampling:

U.S. Investors Place Record Wager on Japanese Funds (NY Times) 3/23/11 - "Some investors may be already shrugging off Japan’s crisis. Even as the aftershocks from the earthquake pushed financial markets sharply lower last week, American investors poured $1.2 billion into Japanese equity exchange-traded funds, or E.T.F.’s., according to new data. It was the biggest weekly inflow on record, a trend suggesting that some investors are already betting that the crisis may be just an interruption to a market rally. "

~ An earthquake, tsunami and nuclear scare resulting in thousands of lives lost is "just an interruption to a market rally" to investors...  

Six Portfolio Strategies Following the Japanese Disaster (GuruFocus)  3/21/11 - "Are you a long term investor or short term trader? In the long term you are hard pressed to cite any natural disaster that didn't prove to be a buying opportunity, or at least in hindsight not a reason to sell..."

* Such a cute child- Investors can not wait to profit off her...

The Japan Buying Opportunity (EnergyandCapital)  3/22/11 - "Do we ban air travel after a plane crashes? Better yet, do we even have a debate about it?...  Did we ban coal mining after 29 miners died last year in West Virginia? The answer to all those questions — in case you didn't know — is No.  Similarly, the world will not abandon nuclear energy because of the recent disaster in Japan...  The bird's-eye brutal truth is that, save for those in the immediate area, these events quickly fade into history..."

~ Based on that reasoning, I wonder how many investors made money in 1945 off Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Looking for opportunities in Japan (MarketWatch) 3/23/11 - "Still, while acknowledging the risks, other strategists and money managers argue that those bearish on Japan are making a mistake: Many of these Japanese companies are now attractively valued and, barring worst-case scenarios, offer significant upside potential."

* Investors and stock traders feel your pain.. its called 'cha-ching!'

Buffett is not scared of the Japanese market. (MotleyFool)  3/21/11 - "Investing legend Warren Buffett has declared the Japanese market a 'buying opportunity', following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country on 11 March.  "Frequently something out of the blue like this, an extraordinary event, really creates a buying opportunity. I've seen that happen in the United States, I've seen that happen around the world, and I don't think Japan will be an exception.""

~Warren Buffett is 80 years old and worth over $50 Billion dollars, so God knows he needs even More opportunities to expand his wealth before he passes away...

Bullish On Japan: Rosenberg Joins Buffett In Calling Crisis An Opportunity (Forbes)  3/21/11 - "Warren Buffett isn’t the only one calling the Japanese tsunami-nuclear crisis a “buying opportunity.”  Generally bearish Dave Rosenberg wrote in his daily newsletter that the battered Nikkei 225, which plunged 12% last week, “may well be the most inexpensive market in the world,” suggesting that investors could find value in Japanese equities."

*  So much tragedy... so much $$ to be made~

And on and on and on...

Imagine in a split second, the life you've lived is gone.  Caused by an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, a swath of tornadoes...  and you have no home.. and no possessions.. and your town.. your community is pretty much gone.   Devastation in all directions.  And the things you take for granted- electricity, heat, drinkable water, food, etc..  no where to be found.

And then imagine that someone on the trading floor of the NYSE stock exchange, or some wealthy piece of garbage in an expensive suit is sitting at his/her desk and devising every means humanly possible to financially profit off your misery.  Using calculators and spreadsheets and cost-analysis charts- deciphering how to invest off destruction for maximum personal profit to put into off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes on.

Remember, investors and traders do not create or build anything- they do not provide anything tangible or Real that improves the quality of life in any way for anyone.  They simply play markets and profit as they go up, then withdraw their holdings before they drop down.   That's it.

Nothing in this world will ever change until people begin to develop a healthy hatred for the trader/investor and understand that every leader of every nation from Obama to Sarkozy to Putin basically caters its sovereign economic policies for the Investor and trader's benefit.

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