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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everyone apologizes

If there is one constant in the world, besides the fact that world governments (especially the US) will always rig the global finance system in favor of banks and stock market traders vs its citizenry, its that everyone in the public spotlight apologizes at one time or another.  Every week-- celebrities, politicians or businesses say or do something then immediately backtrack.  Sometimes they're in the wrong..  other times they're in the right but become cowardly and apologize anyways.   But apologies keep on a' comin'..

Here's a 'fun' list of top apologizers for the week of Mar 13-19

Kansas State Rep Virgil Peck apologizes for saying immigrants should be shot like hogs (

Alaska Airlines apologizes for alerting security over Jews using tefillin on flight  (Ha'aretz)

Southwest Airlines apologizes to Muslim removed from plane (Reuters)

Washington Post apologizes for plagiarism (Reuters)

Gilbert Gottfried apologizes for Japan jokes (Entertainment Weekly)

CNBC's Larry Kudlow apologizes for insensitive remark on Japan disaster (Los Angeles Times)

Tokyo Governor Apologizes for Saying Tsunami is Divine Punishment  (Christian Post)

Microsoft apologizes for using Japan disaster to market 'Bing'  (Network World)

Malaysia paper apologizes for comic tsunami image  (AP)

US television writer Alex Sulkin apologizes for Pearl Harbor-Japan quake remarks (International Business Times)

China's largest meat processor apologizes over additive scandal (Philippine Star)

~ And on & on & on..

Everyone apologizes... It's free.

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