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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Follow up: "24hr Chronology: Stock Market & Sheep"

In the March 5th posting entitled "24hr chronology: Stock markets & Sheep", we wrote and predicted the following...

"US investors realized Friday they have no clue what's going on... So they pulled their money out... And Asian investors- well they wanted to copycat but couldn't because their markets were closed for the weekend."

"Ants & Grasshoppers" is correct again...

As of 9pm EST Sunday 3/6, (10am Mon 3/7 in Pacific rim nations):

Japan's Nikkei 225  --  10,536 (-158)
China's Hang Seng --  23,306  (-103)

The Asian markets are dropping specifically as a catch up to the US and European markets dropping on Friday because ignorant American traders and investors were just so positive the latest jobs' report would re-affirm 'Recovery'

The stock market is a game for sheep

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