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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun with numbers- working till 70yrs old

I found an article entitled '70 is the new 65' referring to the shift in elderly needing to work longer than they expected to prior to the 2008 market crash.  A Nielsen poll showed over 22% expected to work past 70 yrs old and 6% expected to retire at 80, which is two years past the average life span.

It got me thinking..  if someone begins working right out of college at 21 years old at a 40hr/week job consistently till he/she turned 70 and retired, how much of one person's life is given up to working to benefit another person or entity?

70 - 21 = 49 work years

49 years x 52 work weeks = 2548 weeks of working

2548 weeks x 5days/week = 12,740 week days of working

2548 weeks x 40hrs/week = 101,920 hours of working

Think about that-  just under 102,000 hours of a person's life...


And that doesn't include time to get to work, lunch and commute home

Of course, elderly overall have a very dedicated mindset to working hard without expectations that things be given to them,  and to a vast number, they'd try to spin their situation positive by saying something like "If not work, what else am I to do with my time".

But when you're operant conditioned to work constantly, you know no better.  The fear of having so much free time and atrophying in front of a television all day makes elderly people need to keep working even if their finances are well-off.  Its a sad cycle.

And there are some in government, who seem to all share the same political party, who don't feel people are entitled to their pensions and retirement- that people should just work and work and work till they die, and if they didn't save enough to retire on their own, then tough bleep, its their fault.  They want to roll back every social safety net since FDR, to completely destroy the unions and continue lowering taxes for their economic class while cutting every social service possible.

101,920 hours of working is far too much...

Some believe its not long enough...

And some know no better...

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  1. That is 11.64 straight years of working away from home. Wow. Good post, @


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