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Friday, March 25, 2011

The great emotional disconnect

A&G keeps belaboring this point because absolutely no one else in mainstream news or the financial blogosphere is expressing the Japan disaster-Investor dynamic in the correct context...

In many western societies, particularly in the US, the extreme wealthy are looked upon with respect and awe.  You do not have to create anything- a product or service; anything to benefit human kind... You simply have to acquire massive amounts of wealth through investing or taking advantage of weakness, and you are treated as an Oracle or deity.

For example, Warren Buffett, an 80yr old man with a net fortune of over $50 billion who still invests because he has nothing else productive going on in his life.  Normally an obsessive-complusive with zero interests outside of making money would be looked upon as a sad, pathetic creature.  But in the 21st century world of finance, the same man is given international respect and an open door access to many world leaders.

Here are two headlines from yesterday..

Japan disaster: over 27,000 dead or missing - NHK World

Asia shares rise amid better US jobs data, profits - AP

The business community will rationalize, justify and self-excuse.. and perhaps a select few will acknowledge the human component of Japan's suffering albeit as a quick aside, but few to none in finance look into the proverbial 'mirror' and admit the truth--

It is morally and ethically wrong to profit off human suffering.

It is wrong to seek advantage from tragedy and despair.

This is what vultures do... and maggots...

How is the role of an investor or stock trader any different amid Japan's devastation, than a common man taking money or food from a dying man's hand?  Are not both seeking advantage off the suffering of another?

One gets arrested and one gets interviewed on CNBC or Bloomberg

And if this world is ever to become a better place for ourselves and our children, it has to start with a change in how we look at life; our value systems.   What constitutes a 'hero'...   What qualities are to be emulated and what are to be scorned..  Is a bad man in a good suit any less a bad man?

For some, it is perfectly acceptable to financially profit off suffering; to detach the human dynamic from the business of business.  The global financial media's existence is based on the maxim of 'kill or be killed'

"I'm an Investor with many interests... 'Oh Garfield, such a sly cat you are'"

An investor has no loyalty to anyone or anything- not country nor community

And yet all nations cater financial conditions to the Investor's benefit.

It frollicks where it can profit- stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, treasuries...  and hopscotches to something else the moment a better opportunity shows itself.   It cares nothing for people or nations...

Investors are parasites..  like a tick or a leech.  It sucks financial 'blood' from nations and markets then moves on to another juicier buying opportunity.

The global financial crisis which started in 2008 was caused by Investors.

And all the economic misery is a result of them not taking any financial losses; being protected 100 cents on the dollar by all the major global economies. It is why nations impose austerity upon its people.. why taxes go up while wages and social programs go down.. Why prices of food and oil rise causing riots and revolutions in some nations..  And it is you & I who are to suffer and will continue to suffer as a result.

And that is the inconvenient truth the media doesn't desire you to know.

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