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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How financial media covered Japan's tragedy

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~ Late last night US time (mid afternoon Friday, Japan-time), there was a horrific earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan pretty hard, causing tragic loss of life into the hundreds so far (and more fatalities yet to be counted) and untold amount of property damage to the Japanese people.

And here's how some of the global media covered the tragedy...

 Especially finance news:

Global stocks, oil fall on Japan quake, tsunami -- Reuters

Japan earthquake rattles already jittery markets -- TheEdge

US Stocks inch higher day after Japan earthquake -- AP

Japanese Quake Shouldn't Shake Yen -- WSJ

Japan Quake's Financial Impact: 5 Things to Watch    -- CNBC

Quake to Dent Japan GDP, Not Global Recovery: Analysts -- CNBC

~ I am sure Japan is very, very sorry for this inadvertent disruption to the global stock market.  The nation sincerely apologizes if this prevented any US investor or trader from making a profit, or limiting size of profit on this trading day.  It was also quite relieved to find the US markets react to the 'minor inconvenience' by ending the trading day 60pts Higher to close at 12,044.  Lastly, I am sure the Japanese people are most appreciative of the financial media for retaining a  single-minded focus on market and investing rather than digressing into 'trivial matters' such as loss of  Japanese life and the psychological impact of people in the earthquake & tsunami's aftermath. ~

(Obviously the above paragraph was written in Biting sarcasm)

English      1-800 RED CROSS
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TDD Operator   1-800 220 4095

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