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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Insensitive Quote of the Day- 3/13/11

In the last couple postings, A&G has savagely attacked mainstream news for caring more about the economy of Japan & how it affects the US markets and investing, than the human cost in lives lost and psychological trauma of the Japanese people.

Some thought we were exaggerating a tad in our posts..

So, here's another example..

The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that. And the human toll is a tragedy, we know that.  (~ mentioned as a quick aside)  But these markets.. stocks, commodites, oil, gold..there is no major breakout or breakdown and we have to look at that as a positive”- Larry Kudlow, CNBC host, 'The Kudlow Report'

~ We wanted to provide the full quote since many other blogs have only focused on the first part which is the more sensationalistic. 'A&G' does not distort quotations or play 'gotcha', and we will not accuse Kudlow of being a complete heartless bastard.

Kudlow is simply one of numerous examples on Wall St. and financial news, of how people in that particular world of finance and investment prioritize.  They have no emotional connection to others' suffering  and every national and global event is viewed through the prism of how it affects markets and profit-making.  The scope of human tragedy is not filtered through into their conscious.

Clinically defined, people like Kudlow are non-violent Sociopaths.

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  1. Wow. I think the last part is even colder than the first because it is not blurted but thought out!


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