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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stock Market-- a difference a week makes

On March 9th, the Associated Press wrote this nonsense--

Average investors returning to stock market -- "As a historic bull market reaches its second birthday, everyday investors are piling back into stocks, finally ready for more risk and hoping the rally has further to go. The Dow Jones industrials are back above 12,000, about 2,000 points shy of their all-time high. Little-guy investors appear to be on board. Since the beginning of the year, investors have put $24.2 billion into U.S. stock mutual funds, according to the Investment Company Institute... “It didn’t feel right to be back in until now,” says Richard Dukas, who heads a public relations firm in New York City.  “I still don’t want to put all my money in the market, but I believe we’ve come through the worst of it.”...

“What swayed me is being frustrated having my money parked where it’s earning almost nothing,” says Debra Condren, a New York business consultant, who has been easing back into the market over the last four months. She still has only 30 percent of her investments in stocks"

This idiocy was written only 7 days ago...  The Dow was 12,213

Today, the Dow closed at  11,614  (-242 pts today)

In a span of 5 trading days, the market as fallen 599 pts.

If you bought in to the propaganda, you've lost a lot of $$

We don't give financial advice except for this- the market is very turbulent.  And if you invest in markets, especially now, there's a good chance you will get destroyed in the process.   You want to keep yourself as liquid as possible- that means cash.  Literally.  Cash on hand- preferably smaller bills ($20s and lower denominations since people get nervous even in good times when you hand them $100 bills).

 If there's ever a sudden natural disaster or unexpected crisis, even if temporary, you may not find your local stores accepting credit cards or personal checks with two forms of ID.  You will need cash to get your food, fuel and other necessities.

A&G is no 'doom & gloom' blog- we just have no agendas and not seeking to financially profit in any way off our readers.  It just never hurts to keep cash for emergencies.

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