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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Media Misuse of the term 'blasts'

Droopy Dog: "I'm sleepy..  Sorry but I had to blast that"

The corporate mainstream media is simply Horrid.

No other way to put it..  Horrid.

Not just in how it covers politics and finance, but in its coverage of all facets of news including sports and entertainment.

There are many reasons to list, but amongst the top is that 21st cent. news gatherers are deeply lazy people- they don't take time to fact check, the sources they go to for quotes are often shills with biases such as seeking comment from the National Assoc. of Realtors for stories on real estate, and amongst the most galling-- the lack of originality in headlines to convey the body of the story.

For instance, the media love to use the word 'blasts' to mean verbal criticism even if there is little to no actual attack going on in the story. "Blasts" sounds good and grabs the lazy reader...

Some examples...

Consumer group blasts insurance agents and brokers  (TheHill) - "A consumer advocacy group, pushing back strong against insurance brokers’ and agents’ request for relief from a healthcare reform provision, published documents on Friday showing they are paid as much as 20 percent of a customer’s insurance premium."

~ That is not 'blasting'...   and neither is the following...

Wisconsin GOP Blasts "Concerted Effort to Intimidate" Over Request for Professor's E-mails (Slate) - "The Wisconsin GOP responds to today's questions about the request for UW Prof. William Cronon's e-mail with a statement from party executive director Mark Jefferson... "Like anyone else who makes an open records request in Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin does not have to give a reason for doing so."

~ Shakes head... this isn't 'blasting' either...

Sprint CEO Blasts AT&T Deal (WSJ) - "In his first public comments on the deal, Sprint Chief Executive Dan Hesse said he fears the deal would overly concentrate the market and hurt consumers.  "I do have concerns that it would stifle innovation, and too much power would be in the hands of two,""


A 'Blast' is a pointed attack- it has Anger.. Vitriol.. its Passionate...

The following would be accurate examples of a 'Blast'....

Blogsite blasts mainstream media - "Influential blogsite, 'Ants and Grasshoppers' recently blast mainstream media (MSM) as "a group of corrupt, disingenuous liars who work as propagandists for the corporations and are both too cheap and lazy to cover news in a manner that is informative to others"  The blogsite went on to blast MSM for being apathetic to the economic suffering of the bottom 98% by a continuous barrage of 'recovery' touting based on the success of Wall St.,  "MSM has never cared about everyday people", the site commented.. "and recently has made no secret of it.  The corporate media thinks most people are idiots and treats them accordingly. ""

"A&G" blasts The Fed; Investors over Japan -  "'A&G' has spared no words for the Fed, blasting them for agreeing to help the Bank of Japan manipulate and deflate the Yen.  Stating that the move helps Japanese banks and businesses at the expense of the everyday Japanese people who will need to rebuild their lives; 'A&G' points out that any weakened currency means its cheaper to export products abroad but for the people who live in a particular nation and use that currency to buy goods and services, it means increased costs and rising inflation...  'A&G' also called out international Investors as "evil, heartless, soulless bastards without a shred of decency and morality for seeking to financially profit off the Japan tragedy" "

Blogsite blasts US Govt over Libya - "'Ants & Grasshoppers' has blasted the US govt harshly for its bombing of Libya.  The site said "It is amazing how this corrupt and inept US government, in its sudden desire to remove Gaddafi after tolerating him in power for decades, is so desperate Now to remove the leader for US control of the oil fields, that its willing to side with Al Qaeda to do it."   Both parties are supporting the Libyan rebels.  'A&G' also stated "It also shows once again that the government does not give a F**k about its people, spending a billion dollars a week on bombings of Libya while telling the populace it does not have the financial means to assist the elderly, disabled, poor and jobless"

See, Those are Blasts!!

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