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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Most Evil company in the world...

* Radiation burns, Japan 1945

So many reasons Goldman Sachs is the most Evil company in the world..

And its the company US presidents love bailing out more than any other.

It is the corporate equivalent of an immoral grifter.

But while its no secret by its business practices that it doesn't give a Bleep about people generally, it also doesn't seem to give a Bleep about its employees either...

Goldman Sachs Employees Told Not to Leave Japan (CNBC) -  "At least four Goldman Sachs executives flew into Japan last week to speak with nervous ex-pat employees about radiation fears... They also conveyed another message: don't leave Japan and don't leave Tokyo."

"Employees at the investment bank's Japan offices are worried about radiation levels affecting their families, the person said. Many were asking if they could temporarily relocate out of the country or perhaps move to a location in southern Japan, farther away from troubled nuclear power plants. The were told that they should not leave Tokyo, according to the person.

"The message was clear: no one is to leave. If you do leave, you can't come back and expect to still work for Goldman"

~ Expose yourself to radiation or find another job --    the GoldmanSach motto

Hmm.. Maybe it could re-hire 'Mad Money's' Jim Cramer to oversee Tokyo...

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