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Friday, March 25, 2011

Photos: 1930s & 40s Libya

With the recent NATO (~psst.. US) bombings of Libya this past week led by NATO forces (psst.. Obama), I thought it would be interesting to show a different view of Libya- how the nation looked in the 1930s & 40s when instead of the people fighting each other and NATO (~psst.. I mean the US) the Libyans were fighting Fascist Italy when Mussolini took over the country in the mid 1930s...

 ~ Grand Hotel, Tripoli

 ~ Benghazi Municipality Square, Tripoli

 ~ Girgaresh Train Station, Tripoli

 ~ Tripoli

 ~ Royal Palace, Tripoli- 1930s

~ 1939 Tripoli Grand Prix

  Libyan family- 1930s

 ~ Libyan girls boarding school- 1930s

 ~ Tripoli Central Railway Station

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