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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practical Logic, NATO & Libya

In college, I took a course called Practical Logic and one of the first things taught was referred to as logic equations. Here is an example...

             If All chocolate is pleasant, 
And-     All pleasant things taste good,
Then-    All chocolate tastes good.

The structure goes- if All A is B, and All B is C, then All A is C..

An illogical equation might look something like this:

           If All cats are brown only
Yet-    Some cats are white only
Then-  All cats are brown or white.

The logic contradicts-  it is an illogical equation.

Hope I didn't lose anyone..  ok, the point...  

Does this logic equation make sense to you?

           If the western world is fighting Al Qaeda
And-   The western world is on side of Libyan rebels fighting Gaddafi
Yet -    'Libyan rebels fighting Gaddafi are linked to Al Qaeda' (Telegraph.UK)


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