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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Question Musings

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?

And if employment expands in menial economic sectors like fast food and stocking shelves, does it make a  "job"?

And if 250,000 new positions were created, is that progress?

And does that translate into future home buyers?

Or savers?

If a person has a high fever which drops from 102.4 to 102.2, does that mean the person is really 'better'?

And if the deficit is cut by a couple billion, with national debt still in trillions, are things  really 'better'?

And does national debt even matter since we print our own money?

And does it really matter when we always raise our 'debt ceiling'?

And who 'collects' when we one day default?

If a thermometer reads '72' on a cold, snowy day, which is true?

And if Dow is over 12,000, yet housing falls & joblessness rises, which is true?

And if the media cheers 'Recovery', does that make it so?

And when I see rigged markets rise and rise, should I cheer?

And how does this con game affect my life for the better?

If one expresses intelligence without a degree, is it still respected?

And does no degree make one less intelligent... or more so?

And if one now goes 4 years of undergrad to equal the knowledge one acquired 30 years ago in high school, is that "progress"?

And if everyone has a degree, is it 'special'?

And which lingers longer- the education or the debt?

Would you rather lend to one with no debts or with debts who pay minimums?

And why do banks do the exact opposite?

And if you pay down 50% of your debts, aren't you still indebted?

And why is the entire global economy dependent upon All being in debt?

And can one really be indebted and Free at the same time?

Does a squeaky wheel gets the grease?

Or a squeaking mouse get the cheese?

And is that why the banks and wealthy do A Lot of squeaking?

And don't the bottom 98% ever squeak?    Ever?

And if so, are they able to maintain squeaking more than a few hours on a weekend?


And can one reasonably expect another to fight for him/her when that person is not willing to fight for themselves?

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