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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rising prices and 'La-La' land

~ "All Hail to ME- the First iPad2 owning Nerd in my town!"

There is a great disconnect in America and other modern societies.

A disconnect not simply in 'have vs have-not' which has been a part of the human condition since primitive stages of society.  The disconnect I refer to is that in purchasing power- the idea that when the cost of basic needs and services rise and rise, it is quite illogical and irrational to go spend precious money on non-necessities; on gadgets, gizmos and luxury.

Yet some people do this- they Must have the Newest thing-- they must be Better than their friends, coworkers and/or neighbors and they Must be First!!

The following headlines paint a picture of a global society that will be paying more and more money in the near future for every basic need for survival and sustenance:

Gas prices will keep rising-- CNNMoney

Airfares are going up, and not just because of oil-- AP

Clothing prices to rise 10 pct starting in spring-- AP

World Food Prices Rise to Record, May Gain Further, UN Says-- Bloomberg

Steel-Price Rise Defies Forecasts -- Wall St Journal

As Cotton Prices Rise, So May the Cost of Hotel Rooms -- CNBC

Companies Stock Up as Commodities Prices Rise-- Wall St Journal

And YET you have stupid people still doing this:

Lines of iPad 2 fans growing at Apple stores-- Reuters

~ As this global economy gets worse, it is apparent some will survive by skill, some will survive by sheer luck and others will be blindsided by it all, like the infamous 'Grasshopper' referred to in this Blog, and thus be swallowed up.

Which will you be?

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