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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video: Profit from chaos

What if there was no chaos in the world?  Just one 'finger-snap'.. Gone~

No wars, disease or famines... no earthquakes, tsunamis, or radiation fears...

The world would be a wonderful place wouldn't it?   Well.. to some, particularly in the world of business and finance, the world would then be a Much Worse place. 

If stocks don't dramatically tumble, you can't sweep into the market and get bargains...  If buildings aren't destroyed and villages submerged, you can't make money through cleanup and rebuilding. And why would anyone take out insurance?  And if no one ever went to war, who would buy all those tanks and planes and missile guidance systems?  Just think how much $$ the makers of iodide tablets have made in the past week?  (Iodide is supposed to coat your thyroid to protect it against small to moderate doses of radiation)

The above video is about 1min.. its from the film, "the Fifth Element" featuring Gary Oldman -- in a quirky comical way, it demonstrates the mindset of business when it comes to chaos and destruction,  When you watch, think of all the various businesses, industries and investors licking their chops to get into Japan as soon as the nuclear drama subsides...

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