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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And today the roaches are back in the market

~ "My daddy is a big time trader and my mommy works for the SEC"

I make no secret I despise Wall Street Investors/traders...

And for clarity sake, if you own 100 shares of a stock or your 401k is tied into the stock market, you are not an "Investor"..  you are not in a power-position to manipulate the markets & Ben Bernanke is not enacting fiscal policies to cater to you.

Yesterday the market went down 120pts.. why?

Standard & Poor's, a credit ratings agency stated in layperson terms that the US economy was in pretty bad shape and it may end up lowering the AAA raiting within a couple years.

This caused the cockroaches (Investors) to scurry as if S&P was stating something New

Today, the Dow went up 65 pts -- guess half the roaches returned

What happened in one day?   Did S&P say 'Just Kidding folks'?

Did the economy really get 65pts better in one business day?

Of course not.. The market goes up and down with no rhyme or reason.

This is why if you're a normal person, you do Not invest your precious, hard earned money into the stock market, no matter how badly the Federal Reserve is steering people to do so via horrible savings interest rates.

Almost every other finance blog will tell you to invest in this stock or that currency; place your money in this precious metal or that commodity..

A&G never has and never will steer you..  We only have one goal- to provide you knowledge of the political, financial and corporate media games that are being played in this faux-recovery in concise, understandable layperson terms.

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