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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19- special day in history few recall

April 19th is an interesting day in history...   In 1770, Captain James Cook sights the east coast of Australia for the first time, Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVI in a proxy wedding in France in the same year, and in 1956, Grace Kelly marries Prince Ranier or Monaco to officially become Princess Grace..

Yes.. many interesting things.. something I am missing though.  Hmm..

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising began today in 1943 and the Bay of Pigs invasion was repulsed by Cuba in 1961.. hmm.. but I am missing something else.. ~thinking...

Oh yes.. of course..  April 19, 1775- the beginning of the American Revolution when the battles of Lexington & Concord were fought.

Two Hundred Thirty-Six years have passed..

And in that time, the conversion from colonists to countrymen took place, followed by a massive manifest destiny movement, a gold rush, civil war, more expansion, industrialism and an economy that even amid numerous Panics always seemed to grow until recently.

From our inception to the present, the US has fought 14 official wars (Had to bunch up all the various wars against the Native American populations into 1 because I'm not capable of counting that high). We fought against the British twice, then fought along side them a bunch more times for in geopolitics, yesterday's combatant is today's ally.

Through 236 years, we've been every adjective from heroic to horrible; ethical to immoral, as every nation has-- we all have our proud moments and our skeletons.

But today in history, colonists from Massachusetts opened fire on British 'redcoats' at Lexington & Concord.  And whatever their individual reasoning, they committed themselves to an endeavor to rid themselves of monarch rule, by force if need be.

Brave, they most certainly were to stand up for oneself with no guarantees of success or knowledge of the future.. and even Braver when considering how few people were willing to fight for their beliefs and values prior to the American Revolution and still how few are willing to presently.

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