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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Certain people should not play the market..

The following conversation is true--

 It happened today between myself and a hair stylist I had never met before as she was giving my hair a trim and such...  She was in her early 50s and very interested in markets and investing. She had dabbled here and there for some time but it was clear she still pretty clueless about what's really going on. While general chit-chatting during my hair trim,  I mentioned my past experiences with markets and that I have a financial blog, etc.  So she got sparked & asked me questions.. For brevity sake, I will edit out all irrelevancy:

Stylist:  So what are some good stocks to be investing in right now?

Me:  Really none.

Stylist:  Well any sectors you can suggest I focus on investing in?  Tech perhaps?

Me:  No, really you shouldn't be in this market.

Stylist:  Well I need to be putting my money somewhere-  my husband and I want to retire in 7 years.

Me:  I understand that but these markets are very volatile- much more so than before the 2008 crash.

Stylist:  How can that be?  I thought the worst was behind us.

Me:  No No.. If the government was not directly tampering in the markets, the Dow would be around 5000... but they're creating the mother of all bubbles and...

Stylist:  Yes.. uh huh.. but ok.. if you Had to invest in something..

Me:  If I Had to..

Stylist:  Yes.. you had to buy a stock...

Me:  Um..I suppose I'd go for a company that has been around a long time, like..

Stylist:  (interrupting) We used to use brokers.. ugg.. one of them got us into Enron.. back in 2000.. can you believe that?  Now we just read and watch everything we can..  Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC-- You've heard of Jim Cramer, right?

Me:  Um..

Stylist:  He's a nut but he's so accurate..

Me: No he's not..

Stylist:  (speaking over me)  and he's thinking the Dow could go to 14,000 by mid summer..maybe even 15,000.. I just need to get in.. but I don't want to make a bad choice, you know..

Me:  Of course..

Stylist:  Well what do you advise?

Me:  I'm not a financial planner.. and I don't give stock tips, other than to not be in the market right now.. protect your $$

Stylist:  Well..  ok.   I did hear the dollar is crashing though..  I definitely need to get into gold.

Me:  Well yes and no

Stylist:  What do you mean

Me:  Yes the dollar is weakening bad and on purpose but the Euro will fall first.. Europe is in a bad fix.. and when it does, it will make the dollar stronger.  All investors escape into the dollar when their currency is bad.. Like Japan during the tsunami.. all the international investors moved into the dollar

Stylist:  Uh-huh..

Me:  And think about it.. you could have 100 bars of gold but your local supermarket or gas station doesn't take gold bars- so you have to convert it to Some currency..

Stylist:  Hmm.. Right..  So you're saying I should invest in gold?? Or you're not?

Me:  Um..  Just trim a little off my bangs please.

~ The old adage applies- A fool and her/his money are soon parted

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