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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Checklist- Knowing your oil/gas companies...

~ Justin Timberlake pumps gas just like you & I...

A brief tutorial on the background and history of various oil companies:

ExxonMobil - American company; provides gasoline under the names Exxon, Mobil and Esso.  Prior to its current name it was called simply Exxon and before that, Standard Oil.  Yes, the same Standard Oil that lost an antitrust case in the Supreme Court in 1911 finding it guilty under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of monopolizing the petroleum industry through a series of abusive and anticompetitive actions.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Standard Oil must be dissolved and split into 34 companies. Two of these companies were Jersey Standard ("Standard Oil Company of New Jersey"), which eventually became Exxon, and Socony ("Standard Oil Company of New York"), which eventually became Mobil.

BP - An oil and gas company headquartered in London.  It in 1998, it acquired Amoco (American Oil) which was at one time called Standard Oil (Indiana), and currently also owns Arco gas stations and the Castrol oil brand.  It also owns the 'ampm' convenience store chain found in the southwest US, Arel- gas station in Germany & Luxembourg, BP Express located in Netherlands, BP 2 Go, found in New Zealand and BP Travel Centres which are large scale destination sites located in Australia.

Texaco - American company originally known as the Texas Fuel Company; owns the Texaco name, Chevron and Gulf brand gas stations.  It was founded in 1901.  In 1936, Texaco supplied the Nationalist rebels in Spain (Franco) with oil, for the duration of the war, delivering some 3,500,000 barrels.  In 1940, Torkild Rieber, its CEO, is led to resign when his connections with German Nazism, and his supply of oil to the Fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War are made public.  In 1998 it acquired and merged with Shell gasoline.

Citco - They are US incorporated but Venezuelan owned (Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.,) and is headquarters in Houston, Texas.  The company had been US owned for most of the 20th century but pursuant to an agreement entered into in 1982, Citgo and the Citgo and Cities Service brands were sold by Occidental Petroleum in 1983 to Southland Corporation, original owners of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores.  50% of Citgo was then sold to Petróleos de Venezuela in 1986, and the remainder in 1990, resulting in the current ownership structure.

Lukoil - Russia's second largest oil company and its second largest producer of oil. In 2009, the company produced 97.615 million tons of oil; 1.972 million barrels per day.  Headquarters are located in Moscow and has operations in over 40 countries around the world including the US.  Was formed in 1991 and ConocoPhillips purchased a stake in the company in 1994.

ConocoPhillips - It sells fuel under the Conoco, Phillips 66 and Union 76 brands in North America, and Jet in Europe. It also sells Kendall motor oil.  ConocoPhillips was created through the merger of Conoco Inc. and the Phillips Petroleum Company in 2002.  It employs approximately 33,800 people worldwide in nearly 40 countries. ConocoPhillips is the second-largest refiner in the United States.

Sunoco - US company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, formerly known as Sun Company Inc. and Sun Oil Co.   It is located in 26 US States.  In Canada, Sunoco was operated by Suncor Energy, a separate Canadian entity. In 2010, all Sunoco outlets were converted to Petro-Canada outlets.  Founded in 1886, Sunoco is perhaps best known to consumers for its "custom blending" pumps, an innovation that, beginning in 1956, allowed customers of Sunoco service stations to choose from several octane grades through a single pump.

The Speedway SuperAmerica chain of gas stations and convenience stores throughout the southeast United States was bought by Sunoco in 2003, and a year later Sunoco became the 'official' gasoline of NASCAR.

Hess - Was originally a British company called Amerada Corp. in 1919 established to look for oil in North America.  After World War II, Hess Oil bought a 10% stake in the company and eventually by the 1960s, it acquired total control as the British divested of all ownership stake.  Most of its oil comes from the Hovensa refinery in the United States Virgin Islands, a joint venture between a subsidiary of Hess Corporation and a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (owns Citgo), one of the largest crude oil refineries in the world.

Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. - US company that owns numerous convenience stores (Island Mini Mart) and gas stations (Aloha Quality Gas) in Hawaii, many of which are operated by independent convenience store owners such as 7-Eleven.  The company also has federal, state, city and county contracts and supplies gasoline to other convenience stores and gas stations not branded as Aloha Gas or Island Mini Mart, including Costco, Freedom, NEX and AAFES. Aloha Petroleum Ltd. also owns the Mahalo branded gas stations.
Murphy Oil - American company with corporate headquarters in El Dorado, Arkansas. Murphy is a partner in the Hibernia Oil development off Newfoundland and owns the Spur brand of oil and gasoline.

They operate a chain of retail gasoline outlets throughout the southeast and mid-west marketed under the name Murphy USA, located at Wal-Mart locations on land once leased from Wal-Mart. Some locations were also operated at older Sam's Club locations; many of these are no longer open, as Sam's has their own gas station.  The United Kingdom subsidiary is Murco Petroleum Ltd.

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