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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyone has an agenda

In this economic recession which is now 30 months old, it seems everyone wants the economy to go a certain way for its own personal agendas.  For instance...

Stock market 'bulls' want to see the market continue rising because they they heavily invested from back in Spring 2009 when the Dow was at its lowest, so every day's rise increase their profit

Stock market 'bears' want to see the market drop back to those March, 2009 lows or even further so they can get in on the stock discounts they missed out on before.  And once they're in, then those people will become 'bulls' themselves.

Traders and investors heavily invested in gold and silver want to see things get worse for the economy, especially when it comes to weakening of fiat (paper) currency so that the two commodities will continue to rise.

Those not invested, want to see a strong dollar- mainly so the price of gold and silver drop down to levels which make it affordable to buy in...

Notice a pattern?  


Democrats want you to believe we're in recovery so they will get credit for things getting better (even though they're not) and get re-elected in 2012.

Republicans aren't openly disputing the lie of 'recovery' because they're afraid doing so will trigger even more spending and stimulus packages, and their goal is to dramatically reduce the deficit through harsh austerity such as cuts in social services like Social Security and Medicare.

The media want you to believe recovery because people gravitate to positive information and news makes its money off ratings which allows them to gauge how much to charge advertisers.. and ad sponsors Hate negativity.

Democrats want unemployment low because it helps with re-election

Republicans want unemployment low because they know jobs once being paid $15, are now being paid $11.50 and they're getting to destroy the Unions in the process.

And Americans want jobs and are in such bad straits that their willing to sell their soul and settle for less pay, less benefits and less protection simply to be able to keep a roof over their heads...

Most Democrats like Obama are catering to Wall Street and doing everything possible to appease them because they know as a Party, that's where the bulk of their campaign 'war chest' for 2012 is going to come from. Unions are too weak to be good donors.

All Republicans cater to Wall St. and do everything possible to appease them because they've Always received their financial 'war chest' from them, plus all are in sincere lockstep economically that the poor and working class must be decimated. Reps never looked to Unions for campaign funds.

The very wealthy openly cheered the extension of the Bush tax cuts because it meant the continued savings of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The middle and worker classes cheered the extension because it meant they'd save hundreds of dollars

And neither could have cared less that the lack of tax revenue added about another Trillion to the National Debt

And so what is A&G's agenda?

~ To inform people of the current economic reality in an honest and concise manner, to provide useful information to help budget and prepare, and with no desire to financially profit off the readers.

And we desire the following:

1) To see the banks and financial institutions that caused the 2008 Crash to be brought to justice and its CEOs brought up on charges of financial terrorism.

2) To have true reduction in unemployment centered around good paying jobs which allow a person/family to have savings and one day if so choosing, home ownership.

3) A re-strengthening of the middle class and a return of manufacturing.

4) To see a reduction in the deficit and Overall national debt by dramatically increasing the income taxes of the richest 1%, especially the Warren Buffetts and Bill Gates' types who possess Far too much of the collective financial 'pie'

5) To see the stock market once again become an accurate barometer of the economy and a safe place where people can invest rather than what it is now-- a Casino and the current speculative bubble, created by the Fed to replace the destroyed Housing bubble which was created from the destroyed 1990's Dot Com bubble....

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