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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

McDonald's Hires & the economy is Saved

Today's the big day.. McDonald's is hiring 50,000 new workers!!

Everyone's very happy.  Why I can just picture all the politicians from the President on down and mainstream media saying.. "We Told you we're in Recovery.. we Told you so!!"

Now, we'll put aside the the simple mathematical fact that if people from all 50 states are hired in equal proportion, that means 1,000 people per state...  But to those that get hired, Congratulations!   You beat out some heady competition I am sure and to those over 25, its good to see those Masters degrees and Doctorates put to good use.

But before you head off to your first day of work decked out in your new crisp McDonald's attire with smiles abound, its kinda good to know what salaries you should be expecting so you can budget your life accordingly, yes?

So let's do so...

Position                             Salary/Hr.           Salary/Year (40hr week)

Cashier                              $7.61/hr                    $15,829

Crew Trainer                     $7.90/hr                      $16,432

Fry Cook                          $8.40/hr                      $17,472

Shift Manager                    $9.81/hr                    $20,404

Asst. Store Manager         $13.64/hr                     $28,389

Store Manager                  $17.61/hr                     $36,628

General Manager              $21.69/hr                     $45,125

~  Hmm, I kinda get the feeling they're not hiring 50,000 Gen. Managers...

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