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Monday, April 4, 2011

McDonald's- working to solve Unemployment

The economy is picking up (supposedly) & McDonald's wants to do its part..

McDonald's wants to fill 50K jobs on hiring day (AP) - "McDonald's Corp. will hold its first national hiring day April 19 to fill 50,000 openings at its restaurants nationwide. The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., says it is making a concerted effort to add staff as its business improves and as more of its restaurants stay open 24 hours a day. McDonald's is hiring restaurant crew and management for full-time and part-time positions."

Now obviously the point of this posting was to show the reader exactly what quality of job is being created which is helping to lower unemployment.   But let's delve into two parts of the above paragraph...

First, it mentions that McDonald's business is improving.  Ok- why?  Has their good gotten dramatically better?  Or more healthy?  Or could it be that their food is cheap and affordable- certainly more so than most restaurants? If you have a family of four and are with limited income, as a special treat are you going to take them to Olive Garden, Red Lobster or McDonald's?  And certainly their Dollar value items can't be hurting foot traffic into the stores.

A successful fast food industry is actually a terrible sign of the state of the economy because it means real restaurants, namely sit-down places are suffering badly as its hard to compete with 79cent hamburgers and $1 value fries.

Second, some people would like to argue that increased fast food sales means the economy is better because more people are out and about during the workday, munching on Egg McMuffins for breakfast and Angus burgers for lunch.

But then why is McDonald's concentrating on 24 hour operations?  

Let's put it this way- if you have to get up at 6:30a, head to work by 9a then leave at 5:30p to head home, what is the likelihood you're going to drive to a McDonald's window at 1:15 am for some chicken McNuggets? Now you Are more likely to do this is you do not have a job to go to, as in being unemployed.  And where are more fast food restaurants located- upscale Beverly-Hills type locales or middle to lower class neighborhoods where people are struggling most to find meaningful employment?

But don't worry- we're on the road to Recovery-- just ask McDonald's

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