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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama's Grand failure: ignoring FDR's achievements

When I look at Obama's handling of the current recession, now in its 3rd year, it is remarkable how a liberal Democrat has refused to take any pages from the Franklin D. Roosevelt 'playbook' as to how to turn around the economy and ease the suffering of millions of Americans who's lives are being destroyed through little to no fault of their own.

Roosevelt was very pro-active in his desire to help the poor and suffering during the Depression. In 1934, in a radio address, FDR basically said, that if the private sector can not or will not provide jobs to Americans willing and able to work, then there is no alternative but for the government to do it.  

And so he did... It is called "the New Deal"  And these programs enlisted millions of Americans eager and willing to work, and while it gave back pride and dignity back to people who were now able to pay their bills, make their mortgage payment and put food on the table, the New Deal programs also assisted in making great contributions to strengthening and improving the fundamentals of this nation.

Some of FDR's most successful programs included:

CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps- This work relief program had the desired effect and provided jobs for many Americans during the Great Depression. The CCC was responsible for building many public works and created structures and trails in parks across the nation.

CWA - Civil Works Administration- Created in create jobs for the unemployed. Its focus was on high paying jobs in the construction arena 

FHA - Federal Housing Administration- Agency created to combat the housing crisis of the Great Depression. The large number of unemployed workers combined with the banking crisis created a situation in which banks recalled loans. The FHA was designed to regulate mortgages and housing conditions.

FSA - Federal Security Agency- Had the responsibility for several important government entities. Until it was abolished in 1953, it administered social security, federal education funding, and food and drug safety.

HOLC - Home Owner's Loan Corporation- Created in 1933 to assist in the refinancing of homes. Between 1933 and 1935 one million people received long term loans through the agency that saved their homes from foreclosure.

PWA - Public Works Administration- A program created to provide economic stimulus and jobs; was designed to create public works and continued until the US ramped up wartime production for World War II. 

SSA - Social Security Act- Designed to combat the widespread poverty among senior citizens. The government program provided income to retired wage earners. The program has become one of the most popular government programs and is funded by current wage earners and their employers. 

TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority- Established to develop the economy in the Tennessee Valley region which had been hit extremely hard by the Great Depression. The TVA was and is a federally owned corporation that works in this region to this day. It is the largest public provider of electricity in the United States.

WPA - Works Progress Administration-  As the largest New Deal Agency, the WPA impacted millions of Americans. It provided jobs across the nation. Because of it, numerous roads, buildings, and other projects were completed. It was renamed the Works Projects Administration in 1939. It officially ended in 1943.

~  It doesn't matter your political persuasion, who you voted for, etc.. and yes we all know both parties are rotten to the core, but ask yourself this one question and really think on it..  What specifically has Obama done to improve the lives of everyday Americans, particularly the unemployed in the fashion that FDR did 70years ago?

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