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Friday, April 22, 2011

Survey: Anger & Rising prices

Today's posting is a Survey. There will be questions and answers to choose from, and though there will be some right and some wrong answers, there will be no 'perfect' right or wrong answers.

Five basic scenario questions to see how much one is willing to change their lifestyle, if at all as the system economically pounds the consumer while wages are stagnant (assuming you have a job).  This is meant to stimulate some thought.

1)  You go to a supermarket and you are shocked to find most products now at $4.00-  milk, bread, soda, etc.. In this example, you are not cash strapped.. Do you...

A)  Quietly put items into cart like its no big deal because to you, it really isn't
B)  Quietly put items into cart like its no big deal but inside you are seething
C) Quietly put items into cart because you won't allow it to raise your blood pressure
D)  Put items in cart but show outward displeasure to all nearby
E)  Dramatically cut back on what you buy so the store can't profit off you

2)  You see that gas is $4/gal ($4.30/gal for premium) which means it costs you now between $70-$90 to fill your gas tank... Do you..

A)  Keep driving as much as you feel because you have the $
B) Drive only for essential purposes and otherwise cut back somewhat
C) Drive only for essential purposes and otherwise you're not driving
D) Look to carpool or other alternative means of getting where you need.

3)  Prices keep going up, up with no end in sight, but prior to this spike in cost, you had been planning that family getaway to Disney World and Epcot.   You're not cash strapped in this example but this was a budgeted trip.  Do you...

A)  Still go to Disney and not modify any aspect of your trip because its a vacation and damn it, you deserve fun
B) Still go to Disney but modify aspects of trip such as lower-quality hotel, eating PB&J sandwiches instead of going out to McDonald's, etc...
C) Still go to Disney but cut down on number of days- visit 1 park instead of both but not scrimp on lodging or eating out
D)  Decide its just too impractical financially to go- vacation closer to home

4)  Essentials like food, gas and utilities are going up.   You have the options relating to controlling your expenses.  Do you...

A) Do nothing- why should I alter my life?  I work hard.
B) Alter food only- less purchases, more generic brands, smaller meal sizes, etc...
C) Alter driving only- do everything car related during work week (job, get food,etc) and weekends the car sits in driveway.
D) Alter utilities only; change how you use heat/AC, water usage, etc
E)  Some combination of B, C & D

5)  All these increased costs are infuriating you..  so what do you do about it?  (more than one answer can apply)

A)  Write letter to President/Elected official to complain/vent
B)  Go to various store managers and openly complain/vent
C)  Show outward displeasure and disgust in word and action while at store(s)
D)  Complain to friends and family, especially those who seem not to care to force some kind of outward reaction
E)  Do pretty much nothing but keep it bottled up because 'what can you do'?
F)  Take actions to cut your expenses while being overtly pissed off
G) Take actions to cut your expenses while being calm and bottling up the anger
H)  Decide you will protest this by not spending a penny more than humanly possible on anything.

~ I'm curious how others are dealing with this.. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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