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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding

Tomorrow there will be a Royal wedding in Great Britain, rich in pomp and ornamentation which will be broadcast around the world, and many will celebrate this joyous event.

I have my personal views on Royal weddings and 'monarchy' but because I promised someone I would not get vitriolic, I will not write very much on this topic.

But I would be remiss if I didn't point out two statistics which the reader can either embrace or ignore as they so wish...

1)  According to Britain's HRM Guide (Human Resources Management), the unemployment rate as of April 13, 2011 is 7.8% and the gap between wages and inflation rose sharply to 3.5%.

2)  According to the UK Telegraph's calculations, the wedding will cost the country $7.9 billion (5 billion pounds).  "Business groups expect the day off to result in $9.48 billion (about 6 billion pounds)in lost productivity, which will be offset by some $1.6 billion (about 1 billion pounds) in extra spending by tourists and in sales of memorabilia."

   In terms of the wedding costs itself, it is expected to cost the British taxpayers $20 million (12 million pounds)

Like everything else in life where everyday people pay the bill for others' pleasure, no one really has the power to prevent or alter these events, but its still good to understand where nations' priorities lie.

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