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Thursday, April 28, 2011

'Treated like a child'

I'm getting Sick & Tired...

It just Never stops-  the Lies.. the Desperate need by this government and the "presstitutes" as accurate Trends Forecastor Gerald Celente brilliantly and accurately labels the mainstream media, to push 'Recovery'

The markets continue to rise for their own greedy, nefarious purposes.  Prices of gas, food and every other essential go up, up as wages stay flatlined.  Jobs are not being created in any sizable numbers and those that are available are the type of entry-level garbage one should not even need to posses a high school diploma to obtain.

And yet we keep getting the same nonstop, endless propaganda.

The other day I keyworded 'furlough' in Google news search and gave just a small sampling of the dozens of news articles showing how across the US, states, cities and municipalities are forcing furloughs upon workers as a means of trying to get their fiscal houses in order.

Today I keyworded the term 'layoffs'- the following is just a Very small sampling of the recent news articles on this topic...

* ALL of which are simply from today's news, 4/28/11 --

"The loss of state funding will force Cleveland to lay off 400 workers, close fire stations, and scale back police patrols... (Mayor Frank Jackson) did not specify what positions would be eliminated, but said the layoffs amount to about 7% of the city's 5,400-person workforce." (Business Insider)

"Some Houston (TX) municipal workers today will be handed the first pink slips in what is expected to be wide-scale layoffs as City Hall grapples with a shortfall in the current budget and a projected $80 million deficit for Fiscal 2012" (Houston Chronicle)

 "Panasonic announced Thursday that it will layoff 17,000 employees in order to cut costs and adapt to a changing global market." (

"Acme Markets announced Thursday that it is laying off about 900 of the 14,000 employees at its 117 stores in and around Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware and Maryland" (

"Facing an "unprecedented" fiscal crisis, the Philadelphia School District could shed 3,820 employees and is planning for more painful cuts, including losing full-day kindergarten" (

"Kraft expected to layoff more than 125 [in Ohio]"  (Coshocton Tribune)

"The Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Board of Education (Michigan) approved Tuesday the layoffs of 269 teachers as the district continues to deal with an $18 million deficit in its 2011-12 budget." (Observer & Eccentric)

"Nokia Corp. announced that it will slash 7,000 jobs worldwide Wednesday, by both layoffs and outsourcing as it aims to cut costs..."  (

"MassMutual confirmed Wednesday night it will lay off 75 employees at its Springfield (Mass.) operation, primarily within the information technology department, as part of a restructuring" (The Republican)

"After months of nervous anticipation, 106 San Jose (Calif.) police officers are getting notices this week that they will be laid off as the reality of the city's dire financial picture cast a gloom over police headquarters and City Hall." (MercuryNews)

"Class sizes in Spokane (Wash.) Public Schools could soon go up. In addition to class size adjustments, layoff notices are going to go out for 90 or more employees." (

And On and On and On...

100 layoffs here.. 200 there.. it adds up

When you watch the news and listen to your elected leaders and scum like Fed Chair Ben Bernanke tell you that things are getting better and we're on the right track, you should be Furious...

Not annoyed.. not upset.. FURIOUS --

Because you're being treated patronized & lied to--  like a child..  Daily.

Children play with toys and escape into television, video games and other pop culture diversions when things are rough or scary.. Or when they feel helpless.

Adults do not.

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