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Friday, April 1, 2011

What a Fluff news article looks like...

~ An AP Finance reporter hard at work...

AP posted the following article around 1a, today-  I'd think it was an April Fools Joke except that the news gathering organization has written propagandistic crap like this for awhile..

Below is an example of a 'fluff' article.  It possesses no 'meat' and is simply filler meant to push the faux 'recovery' narrative; a lazy AP journalist filling a requirement to write X number of words on subject XYZ to appease an equally lazy editor...

~ Every opinionated, non-factually based word used is highlighted in blue font....

Economy poised for 2nd month of strong job gains - "Businesses likely posted a second straight month of solid job gains in March, as slow but steady economic growth translated into more hiring.  Economists expect the nation added 185,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate stayed at 8.9 percent. That would follow February's strong gains of 192,000 jobs -- the most in almost a year. If forecasts prove roughly accurate, February and March will mark the best two-month stretch for private-sector hiring since the recession began."

~ In other words, this piece of nonsense was written prior to any statistics or facts to be reported to either back up or dispute its claims.  But see what it does-  it conveys a fait accompli-   things are getting better simply because AP declares it is... and that, along with all the other propaganda paint a picture of rosy times ahead for all those out of work which is an outright lie.

~ An AP editor fact-checking his reporter's story on the economy

Here's a pretend example of this type of drivel using a different topic meant to demonstrate the AP story's absurdity; this pretend example is written by A&G--

Obama poised to win 2012 re-election- "March polls are likely to show a second straight month of solid support for the President, particularly among young voters.  Political experts expect overall approval ratings to remain strong for the forseeable future, and if forecasts prove roughly accurate, it would assuredly make 2012's elections a foregone conclusion"

This is the mainstream media- it is a corporate and government mouthpiece

A&G has said it before.. will say again-  There will be no sincere job creation as long as corporations are getting financial incentives from the Fed to Not hire new workers.

That incentive is called Quantitative Easing and creates a catch 22-  It is meant supposedly to be a catalyst to jump start hiring by providing free money to corporations.  Yet if they do pick up hiring, the free money will stop.   If QE stops, businesses will say they don't have the financial means to hire..and if it continues, there's no incentive.

If you do not work on Wall St or a major corporation, there is no recovery.

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