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Monday, April 25, 2011

When infomericals are treated as 'News'

Well its Monday.. time for another week of propaganda about 'recovery' and outright Lies about how anyone can make a Fortune in the stock market..

I glanced at this piece of drivel this morning from Yahoo! Financial...

How the Average Investor can Make a Fortune -  "Renowned investor Joel Greenblatt can't keep a secret. The founder of Gotham Capital... wants you to be rich. Very rich. And it doesn't mean pouring your hard-earned money into five-star rated funds or hiring talking head money managers... In Mr. Greenblatt's latest book he decodes the secrets of Wall Street for the average investor and debunks the most common myths of investing."

~  These type of empty articles used to give me figurative ulcers because of a concern I had that most people believed this nonsense.  Then I began reading comments' sections that would follow such lazy faux-journalism, and my hope in humanity would be reaffirmed.

So for fun and a good laugh, here are some comments left by Yahoo members to this complete BS 'get rich quick' article...

"Best way to get rich. Write a book about how to gett rich and sell it to saps who don't want to do the work."

"This guy is worse than Suze Orman"

"The guy said to buy low and sell high. Gee, what a revelation!"

"Best way to get rich? Call yourself a bank. Get taxpayer money from the FED after you go bankrupt at 0.25 percent interest. Loan it out to the taxpayer who it was taken from at 20%. Pocket the difference and call it capitalism. Repeat until you're satisfied."

"I can't believe that Yahoo would allow this sort of late night infomercial logic to be considered an article. Signs of the failed education system just keep popping up everywhere."

"There are three ways to get rich:  1. Marry it.  2. Inherit it.  3. Steal it from someone else."

~ and my favorite...

"What's the point of living like a rat for 40 yrs and when you are 70 you have a milllion bucks if u get lucky and the brokers, bankers and lawyers don't steal it all from you. What are you going to do buy a truck load of prunes and have the fanciest walker in town?"

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