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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why you're not getting Hired- Fact v. Fiction

~ C. Montgomery Burns - "The Simpsons"

I found an article in US News & World Report entitled Why You're Not Getting Hired, and in the piece, it lists 9 reasons why you could be having difficulty finding a job.   For brevity, I will just list the 9 reasons and you can click 'HERE' to go to the link to read more in depth...

"These could be the reasons you're not getting hired:

1. Your resume is not targeted.
2. Your resume is about your past, not your future.
3. Either you're not sending targeted cover letters or you're relying on cover letters
4. You're not looking for the right job.
5. Job boards are your primary job search tools.
6. You project a negative attitude.
7. You're not networking in person.
8. You are not participating in social (online) networking.
9. Your Google results are confusing or negative.

Let's see-- so in summary, the reason you don't have is a job is because you aren't doing this or aren't doing that.. or you are doing too much of this..and too little of that.. Your fault... Your mistakes.. You need to change..  You You YOU~ !!

OK- now lets get back to reality... If you are unemployed, in particular for a long duration it is most likely for the following reasons:

1.  You dare to want a pre-recession level salary with decent benefits that fairly compensates you for your work.  The more open you are to taking less wages for doing more work, the more desirable you are to employers.
2.  You have skills/attributes which have been outsourced abroad and are never coming back- ever.
3.  You are not willing to get further into debt via additional schooling to acquire specialized knowledge which may or may not guarantee a fair paying job once graduating.
4.  You are not willing to work as a temp so an employer can release you at any time for any reason or no reason at all
5.  You are not phony enough.  Networking means staying in contact with those you otherwise wouldn't give the time of day to, solely for the basis of hoping the connection can benefit you directly in some way down the road.  Thus the more phony one is, the more they are successful at networking.
6.  You project an attitude of someone who is tired of being shit on by the system,  Companies want to see smiling faces, even if insincere.
7. You are not cost effective to companies overall.  A corporation gets more free $$ from government via Quantitative Easing Not to hire you than it would by retaining you.
8.  You are Too intelligent.  Employers get intimidated by those who are genuinely more intelligent and knowledgeable than them.  No one, not even stupid people, wish to hire those who will eventually replace them.
9.  You're not conformist enough.  To a company, a "good employee" does as their told- when to arrive, to leave, to take lunch and/or breaks, what to wear, length of hair, where to park, where to sit or stand, stays late at night, comes in on weekends, is available immediately to fill in for a sick co-worker, etc.. and all with a smile.

Hmm...  maybe it Is about YOU after all, and not in a bad way.

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