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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Homey Don't Play Dat"

I repeat this point often that there is a dramatic disconnect between those on Wall Street who invest and profit from the markets, and the other 98% of the nation.

And to use borrow a worn out metaphor, sometimes the disconnect feels as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Found a headline today from a Yahoo! Finance investment advice column that just seemed to make my point: 

'How to Play the American Consumer Now'

Hmm.. (repeating to myself) ~ how to "Play" the American consumer...

 As in how to take advantage and profit from them... but maybe I'm exaggerating or hypersensitive.. haven't had my morning Pop-Tarts yet so it could be...

"Looking for yet another way to play the almost-but-not-quite tapped out American consumer? How about some offbeat ways to take advantage of both the do-it-yourself trend and the desires of a populous that can no longer afford to leave home?"

Hmm. ~ how to PLAY "the almost-but-not-quite-tapped out" consumer...  how to generate profit by figuring ways to Take ADVANTAGE of millions of cash-strapped people who "can no longer afford to leave home" ....

You decide for yourself how wide the disconnect is...

~ Um, Winning?!

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