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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview w. Founder of 'A&G'

Q:  With me is the founder of "Ants & Grasshoppers" Thank you for taking the time to sit and answer a few questions.. What is the purpose of "A&G"-- what are you trying to convey to readers?

A:  You're most welcome.  The main message we try to convey to readers is that globally the economy suffered a terrible blow in late 2008 and we Should be in beginning stages of real recovery by this point if the US and other nations did not collude to prop up the banks and other tricks n' schemes that globally have cost taxpayers tens of trillions, and in some cases in Europe, national sovereignty altogether.

Due to the economic and governmental policies starting in the aftermath benefiting only investors, bankers and financial elite, we've only delayed the eventual pain.  And yet as to be expected I suppose,  globally people are being force-fed this pollyanna lie of 'recovery'-  I guess we never predicted how intense the push would be to get that message out... and so from those factors, 'A&G' was born.

We average about 20,000 viewers daily and are appreciative of all their loyalty and support... Our purpose is to keep readers aware of this 'recovery' lie and informed as to the ins/outs of government policy and global finance - the aspects that affect everyday people most and in a way that is clear and understandable.

Q:  Why do you think the push of 'recovery' by government and media has been so intense and nonstop?

A:  The simplest way to explain is using the term "synergy".  For instance when you turn on Saturday Night Live which is on NBC and the host is someone who's currently on an NBC show, its in-house; two entities under one corporate umbrella working to cross-promote the NBC brand.   The government and corporate media work the same way.

Government needs media to have an outlet to get their message and agenda out, and the press need access.  If the news is too critical or not in line, they may not get to sit on Air Force One with the rest of the press corps, or not given the opportunity to ask questions or get 'exclusive' interviews.  And if the media turn on a President, then its more difficult to get their messages to the masses.    Thus, you have synergy.

Q:  So its a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' relationship?

A:  Yes, plus remember 'recovery' is a Happy 'lie'.   Who doesn't want the economy to improve?  Who doesn't want people working and being able to afford to stay in their homes and achieve all their hopes and dreams?   In a way it is quite normal for people to embrace happy lies especially if going through personal traumas.

Also understand the propaganda is subtle.  For instance, say unemployment went up a percentage point, it means the overall economy is still in pretty bad shape.  Now if I work for a newspaper, my headline may be "Latest unemployment figures threaten recovery".  I'm stating a pretend 'recovery' is real and undeniable Fact, thus implanting in your mind the parameters of the national discussion.

Same thing with the debate currently going on about cutting the deficit.  Reps want to cut this and that... Dems agree to cut certain things but not others.. yet neither party is discussing raising taxes on the wealthy or increasing corporate taxes.  Thus, the public debate is narrowly framed as they wish and presented as the only option is cutting programs.

Q:  So you don't believe the US is in recovery?

A:  Not at all.. unless you're part of the top 2%

Q:  But why so adamant?  Why not let people believe as they wish?

A:  I am not 6yrs old.  I am a free thinking adult and I wish not to be told fables and fairy tales.  After the information is provided, I can choose if I wish to be an ostrich, or deal with reality.. and I can even choose to avoid news all together..  But I am in control.   When I am told propaganda that 'all is well' or 'remain calm', my freedoms are taken away, all under the guise of trying to keep me docile.

 Q:  Let's move onto politics.. Where does A&G stand on the political spectrum?

A:  Not seeking to be evasive or cryptic, but A&G's political stance is everywhere and nowhere.  We don't believe in parties or politicians.  Even those with good intentions and whom we may agree with on certain issues- they are not leaders and A&G does not defer to them.  Politicians on all levels in all nations, are fallible people who had to do a lot of soul-selling to get to the level of power and success they currently obtain.

And no one truly knows what goes on in a politician's personal life-  Did people know back in 2008 of John Edwards' extramarital affair and eventual secret love child while running for President?   Are people aware just the other day Arnold Schwartzenegger admitted he had an extramarital affair and love child with someone in his employ BEFORE choosing to run for Governor of California and kept it a secret for close to a decade?

Q:  Certainly a politician can have indiscretions and still be a good public servant or leader?

A:  If a person wishes to believe that, it is not my concern.  That would be telling someone how to think.  I will just offer this perspective and readers can agree or disagree-  There's basically only two occasions where a person gives a public oath and depending on their belief in religion, make this oath under God:  marriage and entering a position of public service.  And if a person is able to break wedding vows and cause needless pain to the person they swore to be with "till death do us part", then why would you expect that same person to unflinchingly never break the trust of a collection of absolute strangers known as the "public"?

Q:  So, does A&G has axes to grind?

A:  Oh certainly...  But we're an equal-opportunity hater.  Doesn't matter if a politician is liberal or conservative or any other title.  If your policies are not specifically helping make everyday people's lives better, then to put it bluntly, A&G has no use for you.  But we also understand, there's no such thing as absolutes.  A particular party or politician can be horrid 99% of the time yet really come through on occasion and enact a policy that does Real Good.   And vice versa...

Think about it this way- if you're jobless and suffering, and someone comes along and hires you to do legitimate work, do you really care what his/her political persuasions are?  This person gave you employment and deserves your respect and appreciation.   So its simple really..any party or entity that makes things better for everyday people for real gets praise.  Those who talk a good game but do not deliver, get the scorn.

Q:  You've mentioned before in order to see beginnings of a real recovery, you need either home prices to stabilize without government propping, hiring of people with education, stabilization of the dollar or ability of people to save $ and thus create capital.  How close or far do you see us from getting to that point as a nation?

A:  It depends how quick the Federal Reserve stops meddling in the markets and allow the economy to naturally correct itself.  It also means an Administration that stops coddling to Wall St as it seeks to raise a billion dollars for its re-election war chest, and invest in creating jobs in the government sector like FDR did that allow people to make a living, pay their bills, keep their homes and retain their dignity.

Q:  Lastly, what do you hope the reader gets out of reading A&G?

A:  That people trust us as an honest source of information.  We want true Recovery in the US and abroad.  We want people working and having a good quality of life.  That is our 'Bias' and 'agenda'..  simple.    We want readers to know we're not trying to sell them anything or financially profit from their readership.  We're advertiser free and do not endorse anyone or anything.  So readers can visit... sometimes agree, sometimes maybe not, but at least know they are being respected and not talked down to or told how to think/feel.

Q:  Thank you for your time..

A:  You're most welcome.

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