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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lure of TV over public service

~ "America-  you're Fired! And don't forget to watch my TV show this fall.. and gamble at my many casinos.. and buy my clothing line and cologne for your husbands.. they make great gifts..."

Within the last 48 hours, two potential Republican candidates for President have stated they would not run-  Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and Donald Trump.  Whether you like or dislike either/both people, it is interesting to understand Why both will not be running.

In the case of Mike Huckabee, whether his faith led him to his decision or not (and that is not a 'knock'), it is also fair to say giving up his TV show, "Huckabee" on Fox News and the lucrative salary it generates, played at least some role, if not a major one.  And if you think it would have no bearing, then why the following prior to his announcement...

""Governor Huckabee will announce tomorrow night on his program whether or not he intends to explore a presidential bid. He has not told anyone at FOX News Channel his decision," said Woody Fraser, executive producer of "Huckabee."  (Y! News)

When the potential candidacy of a person is used as a 'teaser' to draw in ratings for their show, you have to surmise that the lure of TV $$ trumped service.

And speaking of Trump-  most didn't think he would run; that he was using the ruse of possibly running for President as a way to promote "Celebrity: Apprentice" and his overall inflated ego.  He sure did play a good game though-- went on various talk radio shows to discuss the economy, foreign policy, etc.. just like a real potential candidate would.  Of course the 'birther' thing didn't help ultimately but it certainly got people curious and stirred up discussion.

Who knows- maybe Trump seriously was thinking of running,  But when Apprentice, your TV 'child' is threatened to be taken away from you with someone else basically 'recast' in the role you identified your ego with for many years, it certainly played a role in Trump deciding not to run.   Oh, he'll never admit it.. just like he never would admit that he was personally responsible for destroying the USFL, a football league in competition with the NFL back in the 80s' to which he was involved..  but you have to believe it played a role.

So two non-candidates in 48 hours- because the lure of making money was too great.   The one potential candidate and money-junkie left is Sarah Palin. Will she run or will her love of money make her choose not to?   Some love her, others despise her... one thing for certain is she Loves being a celebrity and the income in generates.

This is the real reason she resigned as governor of Alaska a few years back-  her income streams would have been severely capped due to being a public servant.  Now she's ghostwritten two very successful books, gets paid quite well on the speaking circuit, did a "reality" TV series on Alaska, and gets a nice check each month from Fox News to appear on various shows as an analyst.  Meanwhile her daughter Bristol got the opportunity to dance as if she was a "Star" on television and there's rumors of her doing a reality series of her own.

Palin never bothered me as a politician or person so I've no axes to grind on either count.  In fact, to those who know me, they probably got a chuckle at what I wrote a paragraph ago.  I just personally hate celebrity and the endless opportunities for cash streams denied to the other 99.9999% because there's some quirk that captured a nation's imagination, like that vile pretend 'mom' Kate Gosselin (having children does not in itself make you a mother beyond the biological) or the lowlifes on "Jersey Shore" who are nothing special; no talents or gifts yet are household names for doing nothing other than being on the dum-dum box.   Ah, the Power of Television...

But I digress...

It is one thing to choose not to run for public office because you do not think you will win, or do not really offer anything to the 'table' to make lives better for others.   But when you choose not to service because the financial benefit is far greater not to, then irregardless of the person's political positions and ideologies, I have no respect or use for them.

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