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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Quiz

Here's a short quiz about Memorial Day... let's see how much you know about the holiday, its True meaning and its origins...

1)What is the difference between Veteran's Day (which actually was set up originally to honor those who served in World War I ONLY, and Memorial Day (set up to honor Civil War soldiers ONLY)?

a)  Memorial Day offers better sales & discounts
b)  Most can't enjoy BBQs and the beach in mid November
c)  One holds annual auto races, one doesn't
d)  One honors soldiers who are alive, the other those who've died

~ Gen. Stonewall Jackson's grave, 1866

Ans:  D -  In modern times, after completely altering the specific reasons the two holidays were established, Veteran's Day was meant to honor all those who served the US in war. Memorial Day is to honor specifically those who died in military service.

~ * ~ * ~

2)  What was Memorial Day originally called?

a)  Remembrance  Day
b)  Decoration Day
c)  Republic Day
d)  Democracy Day

~ Pres. William H Taft, circa 1909-1912

Ans:  B - Decoration Day, in 1866.

~ * ~ * ~

3)  The tone of the first Memorial Day/Decoration Day was:

a)  Joyous
b)  Solemn
c)  Jubilant
d)  Recreational

~ Decoration Day, 1899.. Philippines -honoring US soldiers who died fighting Spanish-American War

Ans:  B -  The first Memorial Day/Decoration Day wasn't established as an excuse to BBQ, watch NASCAR, go to the beach or get wasted.  It was organized as a day of mourning with solemn parades and quiet reflection.

~ * ~ * ~

4) Why is Memorial Day a holiday now meant for all soldiers of all wars?

a)  US has been in so many wars since 1866, we'd end up with 8 more 'holidays'
b)  Its just easier and more convenient this way
c)  People can't relate to the past so things must be changed to connect to the present
d)  All of the above.

~ Decoration Day, 1899 in the US

Ans:  D - Since 1866, the US has fought in Span. Amer War, WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam, Op. Desert Storm, war in Afghanistan and Iraq-- if we honored soldiers of each war separately, that'd be 8 more holidays.   So the Government decided a while ago it was easier this way to make Memorial Day (and Veterans' Day) blanket holidays to cover all wars in the past, present and future.

~ * ~ * ~

5)  In 1971, Congress designated the last Monday in May as a national holiday for Memorial Day..  Why?

a)  to give Americans a three-day weekend.
b)  for noble and honorable purposes
c)  out of respect to those who served
d)  kindness and compassion

Ans:  A - Yep.. to give a three-day weekend; an official 'start' to summer.  Changing the date merely to create three-day weekends has undermined the very meaning of the day. No doubt, this has contributed a lot to the general public's nonchalant observance

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