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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Photos: How do you picture Greece?

This is a re-submission of a posting submitted last week but due to a Google Blogger glitch that affected all who use this service, was deleted.  Pleasantly I discovered it re-appeared so to those who didn't look before, I think you'll find it interesting...

When you think of Greece, you may picture this...

Or maybe this...

Or possibly this..

What you don't normally picture is a populace fighting to retain its sovereignty and dignity against IMF and ECB imposed financial austerity which is leading the beautiful nation to ruin.

And you don't get to see these pictures on Fox News or MSNBC, and certainly not with any context (all photos taken on Tues, May 11th)...

Or this...

Or this..

In May last year, Greece narrowly avoided default due to a €110 billion bailout from the EU and the IMF in exchange for harsh austerity measures to cut its budget deficit.  These protests on May 11th were due to more budget cuts which IMF was pushing Greek leadership to implement on its citizenry. Greece may still end up defaulting within the next few months nonetheless

~ Thanks, mainstream media- we couldn't be uninformed or mislead without you


  1. Is Greece on the edge of a revolution or just a plunge into anarchy, or am I just lessening to over exaggerated news segments?

  2. Greece is definitely downward spiraling- whether its revolution or anarchy is hard to say. Greece's PM replaced his top military advisors within the last 24-48 hrs (fear of military coup?) and there's talk that Merkel of Germany and Sarkozy of France successfully pressured Papandreaouv to back down from his popular vote referendum, and if so will that piss the Greek people even more so? Whatever happens, don't expect a magic 'happy' ending


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