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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Polling: Teens, Recession & lollipop questions

US News & World Report did a poll of teenagers just graduating high school asking questions around the premise of how do they feel about the recession.  And the questions asked in the survey were pretty simple-  what percentage of teens have had their parents talk about money and finances with them...   what percentage of teens know how to write a check, balance a checkbook and/or figure credit card interest...

All very nice..

But it got me thinking of better questions to ask graduating high schoolers..

-- How many of you are aware that college is a business?

-- How many of you are choosing a viable major that will give you a good chance to find real, meaningful employment upon graduation?

-- How many of you are prepared emotionally at the possibility that by the time you graduate college, you will be 21 years old and have at least $50,000 in student loan debt hanging around your neck like a figurative noose?

-- How many of you understand that when you eventually apply to work at Foot Locker or Wal Mart while waiting for the 'great job' to come, that going to Princeton or Harvard doesn't really mean much to the employer?

-- How many of you are aware that other than full repayment or death, the student loans are Never Ever going away?

part B-- How many of you are Truly aware that you can not discharge student loans in a bankruptcy and that if you stop paying voluntarily, eventually a portion of your paycheck will be confiscated if/when you work by whoever is holding your student debt?

part C-- How many of you are Truly, Truly aware that if you still haven't fully paid the student loan debts off by the time you are elderly, a portion of your social security check can be confiscated from you each month by the debt holder?

and lastly...

-- How many of you believe you will have a good future ahead of you, considering how the System is set up for you to be a debt slave?

I guess it was more fun for the polling people to ask teens fun lollipop questions like "Do you regard your parent(s) as great role models?"

If their parents were really "great", they wouldn't send their kids to college

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