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Monday, May 23, 2011

A wonderful economic day so far...

Today's economic news is the equivalent of a 72degree weather day with bright sunshine and no clouds... and of course the corrupt corporate media will never express it as such...

As of 2:20p --

- Dow is down 127 pts at  12385..  means Investors losing $$.. Good

- Oil dropped another 3% so far meaning those speculators holding oil futures lost money and eventually drivers will see prices decline at the pump another 3%..  Good

- Dollar strengthened, especially vs the euro as investors cowardly fled into the Dollar as a safe haven because of all the uncertainty involving Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.  Stronger the dollar, the better for US consumers and worse for US corporations exporting abroad..   Good

looks like we got the trifecta

Remember the 'cheat sheet' I provided the other week to following the market--

~ Stronger US dollar.. lower oil.. Americans benefit-  market goes down
~ Weaker US dollar.. higher oil.. Americans suffer-  market goes UP

For the millionth time- the global stock markets lead by US markets are manipulated.. rigged.. fixed.. however you wish to say it.  And if not for the Fed pumping trillions of dollars into it, (which everyday people and their children will be re-paying), the Dow would be at 5,000.  And in the process, savers are being Decimated by these artificially low interest rates, and steered like cattle from safe investing to the markets in an attempt by people to find some rate of return to live on.

You don't get too many days like this in a manipulated market where the US Federal Reserve sabotages its own currency, so best enjoy them while you can...

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