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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greece: Fire Sales, Spilt Milk & "Lemonade"

Are you an International Investor?

Looking for a good deal?

Want a piece of a nation at rock-bottom prices?

Maybe a motorway?  Or a sewer system?

Why look no further friends... just head over to Greece..

From Guardian UK:  "While Greece erupted in protest again, representatives of the country's government were at Claridge's hotel trying to drum up international investors' interest in a "fire sale" of its national assets.  Up for sale are 39 airports, 850 ports, railways, motorways, sewage works, a couple of energy companies, banks, defence groups, thousands of acres of land for development, casinos and Greece's national lottery...

George Christodoulakis (Greece's special secretary for asset restructuring and privatisations) denied that the hastily arranged sell-off was a fire sale, preferring to describe it as a "professionally managed privatisation plan"... When a fellow Greek interrupted to say the sell-off was "destroying our country", Christodoulakis said there was "no point crying over spilt milk" and told his countryman to "try and be optimistic"."

~ Remember kids, when you're government takes your lemons then sells them to foreign banks and investors to pay debts you did not personally accrue, that's when you need to turn that frown upside down and make pretend lemonade...

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