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Friday, June 3, 2011

How Revisionist Economists think

Pie chart source:  Economists for Obama;  Sept 16, 2008

I've written a lot on this topic today so here's a quickie post--

For those who really want to understand how full of bleep Economists are, click on the link below, from Wall Street Journal who compiled a cross section of Economist's opinions on the latest batch of very depressing job numbers.

Everyone has an agenda...  Everyone.

A&G's agenda is this-- To politicians, media, economists and everyone else--- "Stop the SPIN!"  If you're wrong, admit it.  If things are bad, admit it.  Stop the Spin- the political blame game and the semantic clever-clever words to gloss over reality while millions of people are suffering..  F-ing Stop it!

And THAT is A&G's agenda..  let's see everyone else express as transparent.

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