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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lying Quote of the Day- 6/26/11

Hey Boys & girls, if you want to be a Serious, Professional fear mongerer, look how it is properly done:

"Returning to the (Greek) drachma would mean that on the following day banks would be surrounded by terrified people trying to withdraw their money, the army would have to protect them with tanks because there would not be enough police... There would be riots everywhere, shops would be empty, some people would throw themselves out the window ... And it would also be a disaster for the entire European economy."

-- Greece's Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos speaking to Spanish newspaper El Mundo about if the Greek Parliaiment didn't vote Tuesday to sell out its people  (Oops, I mean if they didn't vote for more austerity)

Whewww.. If I was a bank or special interest, I Definitely would want to OWN him!

~ Perhaps Mr Pangalos should start with some personal 'austerity'

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