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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swimming w Sharks

Yesterday A&G made a very sound and accurate pronouncement that few if any other financial blogs or news sites had mentioned yesterday-- That all the bad economic data and sudden negative reporting of the economy after over a full year of fascist-like "recovery" propaganda is agenda driven.  The goal is that Wall St. wants QE 3 desperately.

Today, op ed pieces are catching up with A&G... here's part of one from (quotes in blue font):

"With investor panic growing faster than the U.S. economy is weakening, all eyes turn to Fed chief Ben Bernanke this month to see if he will launch a third round of bond buying to prop up the global markets... Stock markets, housing markets and jobs payrolls may be falling faster than Greek debt ratings these past few weeks, but in part that's because investors are looking for any excuse to sell after we had four strong months at the beginning of the year. 

The June swoon, or sell-in-May-and-go-away, or the end of the eight-best-months seasonal trading pattern, or whatever the jargon is for it on Wall Street, is a traditional Wall Street occurrence and this year investors are playing it up like it's Lehman Brothers all over again."

Very interesting.. in other words, if you didn't already get it by now, the stock market is a game-- one giant collisional, ultra-corrupt, immoral, ponzi-scheme 'game'.  And they want more of that free taxpayer $$ from the Fed- its the markets' morphine.

The op-ed writer actually thinks Bernanke will not do QE 3 and all these investors/traders will be severely disappointed but its interesting what is predicted...

"Investors would be wrong to hope Bernanke will ride to the rescue again with a third round of quantitative easing, or QE3, by buying Treasury bonds in bulk.  Of course, the Fed will keep buying in some format, but the massive program itself will end this month and we'll be on our own.  

In fact, the summer scare in the markets plays well into Bernanke's strategy of preventing a crisis of no buyers of Treasury bonds when QE2 ends by delivering a steady supply of new buyers spooked about the outlook for stocks and commodities.  Instead of an emergency as bond buying dries up and interest rates soar, as feared just a few weeks ago, we now have plenty of investors willing to help keep rates low by buying bonds the next few weeks as June advances."

This is technical information presented and many will not understand it.  What's important to take from that is that the Fed manipulates the economy and the market at every turn.  If it does push forth QE 3 or some variation, the manipulation in terms of interest rates, etc is quite obvious.  And if the Fed chooses to do nothing, Bernanke, like a master chess player, has contingencies and strategies to steer cockroach investors in the directions he wishes them to go, much like he's steering savers into the market by offering them crippling interest rates.

Nothing about the Fed and how it conducts business is accidental.  Even if/when its policies end up being wrong and detrimental to the nation, they're still carefully thought out plans allowing for maneuverability.

And if you're going to swim with sharks i.e. play the market, you're going to eventually get devoured

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