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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Never be loyal to an employer

The headline should be obvious to everyone..  like telling a person to brush one's teeth after eating a meal or turn the TV off when you leave a room...

I always find it humorous when I meet people who are deeply loyal to the companies they work for; taking pride in the success of profitability of the corporation they're attached to and believing their company cares about them.

I usually listen.. nod.. smile..  then think about situations like this:

"Deeper cutbacks will be made throughout Goldman (Sachs)... especially in the U.S.  Goldman still plans to add more employees in Singapore, Brazil and India." -- WSJ

All that hard work spent helping Goldman make untold billions..

And here's your reward.. Pink Slip.  Why?  Because someone else can do your job the same but at a fraction the cost...  Isn't Capitalism wonderful?

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