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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photos: The Greece that Investors Ignore

Yahoo! Finance had this headline:  'Ignore Greece, Earnings Matter Most'

This meant Greece's economic situation was supposedly 'priced in' to the markets and that everyone should assume austerity measures will pass tomorrow.  And even if it doesn't,  the bankers will cleverly come up with some trick or scheme to make sure no one is financially hurt by Greece but perhaps Greece themselves.  So, don't think or concern oneself with that little country  Focus on Earnings.. \Mmm.. Yummy Profits.. MMmMmm..  ~Rubs hands together~

And this allows the sociopath investor/trader to ignore this:

And this..

And this...

Well I guess on the 'bright side', as Americans, we never have to worry about scenes like this taking place in US cities, because our economy is Strong, our leaders care, and no one pulls this nation's financial 'strings'.

So let's 'relax' and look at some more photos & snicker at those "silly Grecians"; those people the corporate media summarize as 'lazy tax dodgers who get to retire in their 50s with 80% pensions and who obviously are to blame for their mess'.

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