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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick thoughts.. 6/28/11

The news is just chock full of headlines.. 99% of it completely irrelevant and immaterial to people in any meaningful way.  So for fun, and a quick read, here's a new segment on A&G called "Quick Thoughts" where we post headlines and give observations in as few words as possible.  Sometimes astute, sometimes smart-alecky, but at least you have something to contribute to the proverbial "water cooler".

Here we go...

Fed May Buy $300 Billion in Treasuries After QE2 (Bloomberg)   -- Funny, could have sworn QE2's end was supposed to mean end of Fed Treasury purchases.  Guess instead of calling Q3 by a different name, call it No name.

Can't ban violent video sales to kids, court says (AP) -- Whew, last thing we need is anything preventing increased desensitization of young people to violence.  That skill will come in handy one day when they enlist or are drafted.

Michele Bachmann confuses John Wayne Gacy with The Duke (LA Times) -- Hmm, which is funnier:  that or the Entire corporate media confusing a global recession/depression with 'recovery' and 'soft patches'?

Euro debt news lifts stocks after last week's loss (AP) -- Guess the adage is true: higher they lift, the harder they will drop.  Check back on Friday to see what I mean.

Germans Becoming Resigned to Euro Divorce  (MarketWatch)  -- If nations or people never get married, they wouldn't have to worry about divorces.  On bright side, at least there's no child custody battle awaiting.

Why Some Pros Still Believe a Big Stock Rally Is Coming  (CNBC)  --  A) They're clairvoyant,   B) They're experts or, C)  Because their soulless, greedy sociopathic monsters who will say Anything to get you to risk your last dollars in the market.

Neb. nuke utilities say safety prevails amid flood  (AP)  --  I coulda' sworn I heard the same thing from 'experts' in Japan.

French banks agree to Greek debt rollover  (Reuters) -- In plainspeak: picking shit out of thin air to get out of a bind.  Whatever it takes to avoid dealing with reality Mr Sarkozy... Whatever it takes...

Facebook hires PlayStation hacker George Hotz, aka GeoHot  (Washington Post)  --  See kids, that's how you get a good paying job in today's economy.

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