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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick thoughts-- 6/29/11

Since yesterday's "Quick Thoughts" went so well,  and we had so much fun doing it, we thought we'd try two days in a row-- So, take a cup of sarcasm, a teaspoon of irrelevance, a smidge of meanness, a dash of clever-clever, and bake at 350deg for 30min.. and here's your daily 'treats':

Lagarde's selection marks a break with IMF's past (AP)  --  Hmm..  She's the 11th European to head IMF and she's replacing Strauss-Kahn who was Also from France.  Yes, a nice clean Break.

Why France's Rescue Plan for Greece Won't Work Either (CNBC)  --  Shhhh, don't tell the Greek Parliament or the MPs may not go through with their bribed pro-austerity vote...

Palin, in Iowa, ‘Still Thinking About’ Running (NY Times)  -- Wonder what's less likely- Sarah deciding not to run for President, or finding 1 person on CNN Headline News' 24 hour Casey Anthony coverage who will take her side?

Romney Camp Pushes Utah to Move Up Vote (WSJ)  --  It will cost state taxpayers $2.5 million but Heyyy, C'mon!-- its for Romney's benefit.. And what's $2.5 million anyways?  Utah is 41st in education- they don't need the money...

Saab can finally pay workers... to do nothing (CNN Money) --  Where do I submit my resume?

Fears About Jobs and Wages Depress Consumer Confidence (The Atlantic) -- AND.. Cue the automated response: "Recovery... Recovery",  "Soft Patch",  "Headwinds",  "a Blip.. Bleep.. Bloop",  "Jobless Recovery", "All is well.. repeat... All is well"

J&J recalls more Tylenol Extra Strength pills (AP) -- All because of a musky odor?  Hell, back in my day, we'd live in musky homes, eat moldy bread and drink mildewed milk and Not One Complaint...

Declines in Home Prices Ease  (WSJ) --  When a 4% National decline in home values vs this time last year is celebrated as a positive, I know a certain paper is losing its trustworthiness.

Cramer: Things Are Looking Up (CNBC) --  Yes, Jim. Usually when you are fully bent over and clasping your ankles like a good Wall St. employee, you find yourself looking "Up"

Scenes From a 'Playboy' Playmate Casting Call (The Atlantic) -- Old joke: "Are you willing to pose nude for $100k?" ~ "Sure" ... "Will you pose for $10?"  ~ "No! What do you think I am?" .... "Well I know what you are--just negotiating price."

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