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Friday, July 1, 2011

End of a bad week...

~ "Looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue" - Airplane (1980)

A bad week is finally over.

The bankers, investors and traders would disagree, but since they are financial terrorists and criminals, what is usually 'good' for them, is truly bad for the world.

So how was it bad.. let us count the ways...

1)  Greece's politicians sold their soul (and took more bribes) in order to force a 2nd round of austerity down  the Greek people's throats.  The people in the streets tried their best to protest and reclaim their nation, but unfortunately rock throwing can only get you so far.  When thug police are carrying batons and cracking people on the skull, the populace really needs something more advanced than pieces of marble. Louisville Sluggers perhaps?

2)  The stock market went up around 640 pts this week.  All based on nothing but lies and distortions.  Economists intentionally downplayed projections on manufacturing and pending home sales so that bad numbers would look like improvements.  As a result, many wealthy, evil people are richer today than 5 days ago. Patience though.. It just makes for a much harder eventual fall, but for this week at least, the cockroach Investor can claim victory.

3)  Rumors have been aplenty that Geithner may be stepping down as Treasury Secretary.  I am no fan of him-  Timmy has done a Terrible job, but when you read idiots like in Yahoo! Finance who think JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon would make an excellent replacement, then sometimes 'bad' is better than 'worse'.  The old adage of 'Never let a fox guard the henhouse' would apply most accurately if garbage like Dimon ever held that governmental position

4)  Republicans causing chaos and tension wherever they go with their incessant insistence that wealthy people pay absolutely nothing towards government debts.  The Reps are playing hardball with the President using threat of default as their 'nuclear option' and in Minnesota,  state government shut down today because the Dem Governor wanted the rich to pay more taxes and the Reps in their Congress wanted them to pay Less.

5)  Lastly, anything that gives empty optimists hope and encouragement is a Very Bad thing. To deal with the problems we're facing as a nation, you have to have a clear head and be centered in reality. That means you can not 'hope' or 'wish or pray.   If you believe the economy is dealing with a temporary 'blip', a 'softpatch', or that we're making 'headwinds', then what it does, to speak bluntly, is allow people to sit on lazily their asses and patiently wait for good times to come.

This blog ultimately asks one question of you.. are you an ant or a grasshopper?   Are you active in making your life better and preparing for difficult times ahead?  Or are you one who believes everything will simply work itself out?  Do you accept 'recovery' or do you think its a Lie?

Are you the type of person that tries to educate others and spread the message that people need to shake off their complacency? Are you active in the fight- writing critical emails and comments to those online sources that distort and minimize real hardships?  Do you take the time to write encouraging thoughts and comments to those blogs and news sites that share your views? Or are you a shrugger who can't and won't be bothered, feeling 'Ehh, to each his/her own'?

Only you can answer.

Yes a bad week indeed, but as the lying liars in the media like to say...

This is only a 'blip'.

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