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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun w. numbers- Investing 6/30 vs 7/12

In case you're curious...

On Thurs. June 30th, the market closed at 12,414.34

On Tues. July 12th, the market closed at 12,446.88

In 7 trading days, the market has 'climbed'  32.54 pts. or 0.002%

Did you know: If you had committed $100k into the markets on June 30th, that by today's close you would have reaped a profit of $200.

Did you know:  If you worked at a fast food restaurant mopping floors and cleaning toilets at $7.25/hr, you'd only have had to work only a little more than half a week (27.5 hours) to make as much $$ as the brainy investor who risked his/her $100k in 7 trading days?

Think about it...

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