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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guess the President...

Guess the President who did the following things while in office:

Creation of SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSD (Social Security Disability)

Creation of Affirmative Action

Creation of Equal Opportunity Act

Creation of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Expanded welfare coverage

Indexed Social Security with inflation

A) Harry Truman
B) Jimmy Carter
C) Bill Clinton
D) John F. Kennedy
E) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
F) None of the Above.

To give readers time to think without peeking at the answer, in honor of baseball's All-Star game tonight, the answer will be posted below photos of the greatest player ever, Ty Cobb with some of his famous friends...

 ~  Cobb, Thomas Edison & Connie Mack

~ Jim Thorpe & Cobb

 ~Joe DiMaggio & Cobb

 ~ Cobb speaking to Hank Aaron & other Milwaukee Braves players

~ Mickey Mantle & Cobb

Answer to 'Guess the President' is  F:  None of the Above

The President who did all of the following things listed above was Republican President, Richard Nixon, whom Noam Chomasky called 'the last true liberal President'.

~ Richard Nixon signing law in 1972 creating new Medical Schools affiliated with VA (Veterans Affairs) Centers

There was more regulations for the benefit of everyday people passed under Nixon than anyone except FDR's New Deal.   Nixon also made the financial elite pay their fair share in taxes by increasing their tax rate while lowering the rate for others. This is something current Republican leadership refuse to do even if it means defaulting and causing horrific consequences.   Perhaps if both Republicans and Democrats would enact social and economic policies that make life better for the bottom 98%, we can start getting this nation back on track

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